Maurice wrote a great deal of poetry from an early age – perhaps poetry was in his blood. His second cousin was the World War I poet, Rupert Brooke. We are aware that some of Maurice's poetry has been published but have not yet sourced the periodicals in which they appeared.

One of the two major works we have found thus far is a large collection of poems called A Song of the End of The World. It appears to have been written over a period of several years in the early 1970s and was submitted to various publishers and declined, perhaps because the subject matter was not considered relevant in that epoch but which now, forty years later, strikes more than a sympathetic cord.

A Song Of The End Of The World: 1974

Letter he wrote to a publisher:


Dear sirs

I wonder if I could send you a pamphlet poem called A Song Of The End Of The World. I hesitate to send it to my agent as he keeps insisting that he has to live. I point out that this isn’t essential and the poor chap always says ‘For you it is’. My current publishers are Constable, Tahme and Hudson, Weidenfeld, but there is little point in my taking poetry to any of them. My books sell rather well both in England and the States and I imagine this could be useful in eliciting attention for A Song should you like it and want to print it.

Yours sincerely…

Selections from A Song Of The End Of The World forthcoming

The second large body of work is called Steel Canticles and it is based on his experience as a Forward Observation Officer in the Italian Campaign of World War II. It is a searing indictment of war.

Selections of Steel Canticles


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